Meet Our Executive Team

Scott Gaskin


At Capital, we have a relationship-driven business full of individuals who work really hard and play really hard. We also happen to be in an industry that I personally find exciting – if we were selling encyclopedias, I probably wouldn’t have come here in the first place. But what sets us apart from…

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Sam Sanregret

Executive Vice President

When I think of Capital, I think of a great place to work. It’s so important to make work meaningful because that’s where we spend most of our time. I want people to love their job and have a bounce in their step when they go to work in the morning. To me, if people are happy in their job then they…

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Michael Darby

VP of Marketing & Business Development

I see Capital as a place where people want to go to work, regardless of their backgrounds or individual skill-sets. Across all roles and departments, we encourage our people to do more than wait for someone to tell them exactly what to do every step of the way. As a result, we have actual business…

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Armando Segovia

Director of Human Resources

I largely attribute Capital’s success to our culture of empowerment with responsibility. We have a unique business model that other companies struggle with: Everything is de-centralized and individual branches function as autonomous business units while the corporate office serves as a support center…

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Jeff Jenkins

VP of Finance

I want Capital to be the best distributor in the West. Notice that I didn’t say I want us to be the biggest – bigger isn’t better; better is better. Talented people will drive us to be better. Our success is accomplished through the three-legged stool of customers, vendors, and employees: If everyone…

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