Our deep roots


Capital Lumber Company is founded on February 3rd.

George Gaskin unknowingly began to pave the way for what was to become Capital Lumber Company.


Capital Lumber & Supply Company.

Surrounded by cotton fields on the corner of 35th Avenue and Buckeye, the first location carried lumber and all types of hardware.


Capital consisted of 6 employees and a single man on the saws.

During this time, all job descriptions were the same: “Do what needs to be done.” To this day, Capital employees share a similar mindset.


Second Generation.

George Gaskin extends an offer to 26-year-old John Gaskin to come work for Capital Lumber. John accepted on one condition: that Capital Lumber convert the store from part retail and part wholesale to 100% wholesale.


A Fire Wreaks Havoc on Capital Lumber Company.

The most serious hazard to Capital Lumber came from weeds. The innumerable dry weeds in the rail easement near the lumber yard posed a critical fire hazard to Capital Lumber. On a hot, windy day in June of 1969, those weeds made good on their threat. Ignited by a spark from a passing train, they fueled a fire that destroyed all of Capital Lumber Company in a matter of minutes. The very next day, a trailer was moved onto the site, new phones were installed, and Capital Lumber Company was open for business.


John Gaskin Becomes President of Capital Lumber.

Due to his failing health, George makes his son John the President of Capital Lumber.


New Distribution Center Built.

Expanding Capital Lumber Company had always been a part of John’s plan and the first phase was directed at the Phoenix yard.


Capital Lumber Expands.

Capital Lumber continues to expand into other states with new locations in Albuquerque, NM and Orange, CA.


Another Distribution Center is Built.

A new distribution center built as Capital Lumber moves from Orange to Chino, CA.


Capital Lumber Has a Presence in Northern California.

Capital Lumber opens a new planing mill and distribution plant in Healdsburg, CA.


Growth Mode Continues.

Capital Lumber opens a distribution center in Denver, CO.


Capital Opens Another Location in The Western U.S.

A distribution center opens in Salt Lake City, UT.


Capital Lumber in The Pacific Northwest.

Cascade Capital distribution center in Tacoma, WA opens to service the state of Washington.


Capital Building Materials.

Phoenix, AZ starts what is known as Capital Building Materials.


Capital in Motion.

Operations in Texas expand to include a reload facility in Waco to improve customer service in central Texas.


A Larger Presence in Washington.

Humphrey Lumber is acquired in Tacoma, WA and merged into the existing site.


Capital Expanding its Footprint.

A sales office opens in Dallas, TX. Salt Lake City operations move to a new five-acre site. The Tacoma facility expands its footprint by three acres.


Sam Sanregret steps into the role of President while John Gaskin retains role as Chairman of the Board.

Denver facility adds two acres. A new distribution center opens in Dallas, TX and Waco merges with Dallas. A distribution center opens in Spokane, WA. Capital Building Materials consolidates activities with Capital Lumber in Phoenix, AZ.


Capital on the Move.

A distribution center opens in Tangent, OR. Denver expands its facility by 10 acres and adds on to their office. A distribution center in Stockton, CA opens.


Business Still Booming.

Phoenix Operations moves to a larger office next door and tears down the building built in 1975. The Chino facility expands their yard by two acres.


More Plans for Expansion.

The Salt Lake City, UT location moves to a newly built site on 17 acres. Capital gains a larger presence in Texas by opening a distribution center in Houston, TX. The Stockton, CA location merges with the Healdsburg, CA distribution center.


Gaining More Market Share.

The distribution center in Tangent, OR relocates to Portland, OR. Capital acquires Snavely Forest Products in Phoenix, AZ and JM Thomas Forest Products in Albuquerque, NM.


Capital Celebrates 65 Years Of Service.

Capital purchases the assets of All-Coast Forest Products’ distribution facility in Chino, CA. The Spokane, WA distribution center is consolidated into the Tacoma, WA and Portland, OR locations.


A Big Year for Growth and Expansion at Capital.

Capital purchases James Plywood in Salt Lake City, UT and expands their product offerings. Healdsburg purchases 11 acres adjacent to the existing site. The Denver branch expands its footprint by purchasing 9 acres contiguous to the existing site. The Phoenix branch acquires the 14,000 square foot building adjacent to the 18 acre site that was already functioning as its sales office.


Northern California Continues to Expand.

Capital purchases Capitol Plywood in Sacramento, CA.


Capital Celebrates 70 Years Of Service.

Capital expands its footprint at its Chino, CA distribution location. The expanded property includes a 50,000 square foot warehouse adding to the existing 40,000 square foot covered storage and 2,600 square feet of office space. The additional property will allow Capital to expand its services with products that serve the retail segment with the level and customization and responsiveness that they have been accustomed to receiving from Capital.


Capital Lumber Company Names New President

Scott Gaskin promoted to President succeeding Sam Sanregret.


Sacramento Relocated and Upgraded.

Capital has relocated to an extensively remodeled distribution location in Sacramento, CA. The new location at 4225 Pell Drive offers 8 paved acres and 90,000 SF of a combination of warehouse and office space. A rail spur, 9 grade level doors, 2 dock high doors and excellent access to Interstate 80 provide improved inbound and outbound freight services.


Southern California is Expanding.

Capital has added a distribution location in Oxnard, CA to compliment its Chino, CA location. The new location allows Capital to improve its service model from Los Angeles north to Paso Robles and Bakersfield with products that supply the retail segment with the level of customization and responsiveness that they have been accustomed to receiving from Capital.


Capital Celebrates 75 Years Of Service.


Capital Expands to Boise.

Capital has added a distribution location in Boise, ID. The new location at 2100 E. Braniff St. sits on a 6 acre yard and a 40,000 SF of covered warehouse. Boise will service Eastern Oregon and Southwest Idaho.