I want Capital to be the best distributor in the West. Notice that I didn’t say I want us to be the biggest – bigger isn’t better; better is better. Talented people will drive us to be better. Our success is accomplished through the three-legged stool of customers, vendors, and employees: If everyone is being treated fairly, then the company will thrive. If a company doesn’t partner with vendors, skimps on service or quality to customers, or doesn’t give employees a rewarding place to work, then it will reflect on the bottom line. The Capital team is unique in that we follow through on our mission statement and treat everyone with care and respect. As a result, Capital is a place where people want to work. That means it’s my responsibility as a leader to contribute to an environment that’s both challenging and enables people to grow in whatever direction they may choose.

First and foremost, I make myself available as a coach and mentor to anyone who might want or need my assistance in our organization. I make every effort to offer people as much knowledge as I can about how things are linked together, and walk them through how something will eventually show up on financial statements. It can be easy to get trapped in a Super Hero complex where you feel the need to do everything yourself; however, I’ve learned from experience that the best thing I can do to ensure the company’s long-term success is to guide and teach others. I like to help people learn and grow, and see processes improve as they lead to improved team performance. There are many bumps in the road and lessons to learn so it is best to remember that life is a journey and not a destination.

Part of my initial journey here was rebuilding the Corporate Finance and IT teams. When I reflect on the transformation that’s taken place over the course of a couple years, I couldn’t be more proud. Within both departments, we have achieved a level of credibility, understanding, and transparency; but most importantly, there’s a level of collaboration that wasn’t there before. People have learned that no one is an island and we can and must rely on one another. After all, everything we do at Corporate is to support the branches. When I look at the fact that we have been able to successfully deploy several people to a branch from the Corporate Finance and IT teams, it’s exciting to see the people and business grow. Not only does this mobility showcase the opportunity for our people to grow in different directions, it has also built bridges and increased collaboration. It’s a great reminder that regardless of location, we are all on one team with a shared goal.