QB Corporation

Customer First

QB Corporation manufactures custom curves and tapers as well as stock beams to accommodate varying customer needs.

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LP SmartSide


LP Smartside Siding helps you achieve the look you want while saving time and money during installation.


If you can dream it, LP SmartSide Siding can make it a reality. Get the style you want for a truly custom look.


  • The natural look of cedar
  • Ideal exterior for homes in areas of high winds or seismic activity
  • Treated with our SmartGuard process to resist termites and decay

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LP Building Products

LP SolidStart LSL & LVL

LP SolidStart LSL installs like traditional lumber, but surpasses it in strength and consistency. It’s strong, straight, and ideal for a variety of applications. Long lengths and uniform dimensions reduce job-site waste and low moisture content reduces shrinking.

LP SolidStart LVL surpasses traditional lumber for dimensional consistency and load-carrying capacity. Ideal for longer spans, it’s available in up to 60′ lengths and resists warping, twisting, bowing, and crowing.

LP SolidStart I-Joists

LP SolidStart I-Joists are lightweight, straighter, and more uniform in strength, stiffness, and size than traditional lumber. They also offer wide flanges for greater stability.

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Landscape Materials

Create A Backyard Oasis

Customize your outdoor project by designing a new look using our landscape materials.

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Ipe Railing


A good choice for hardwood railing, Ipe is resistant to sun damage, scratching, splintering, and warping.

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Ipe Decking


It has an extremely dense and tight grain, which can be wavy or straight. The color tends to be a rich brown with amber and red hues. This type of decking tends to stay cool because it doesn’t absorb heat. Ipe decks add elegance to any outdoor space.

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Hardy Frames


The Hardy Frame Shear Wall System resists lateral loads from earthquakes and wind forces. They are effective in narrow wall sections that would normally require steel columns. USP Structural Connectors provide a complete line of connections for the buildings entire load path from the ridge to the foundation and in multi-story applications Z4 Tie-Down Systems provide a continuous top to bottom tie-down system that is engineered to be the most cost effective.

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No Sanding Required

Gorman manufactures high quality ESLP products in a variety of lengths and sizes in multiple patterns. These products have a natural beauty with soft edges and a smooth finish.

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Feeney Cable Railing


There are many ways in which Feeney’s quality is superior. Feeney products only use type 316 marine-grade stainless steel for cables and fittings and high strength 6000 series aluminum with state-of-the-art powder coating finishes for railing and trellis.

Makes It Easy

Feeney makes it quick and uncomplicated to research, order, and install products.

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Fit to Match Your Needs

These products are heavy duty and quick to install. They come in a variety of colors to match your outdoor living product.

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