Corporate Services


Corporate Services supports our branches’ efforts through training, coaching, coordination and companywide initiatives and strategies while still allowing for autonomy and decision-making as close to the customer as possible.  Services offered includes Finance and Accounting, National Accounts, the Project Management Office, Human Resources and Marketing and is the liaison for business development opportunities for the company.

Our National Accounts team exists to support our sales and management efforts through training, coaching, coordination or companywide initiates and strategies. They are the liaison for business opportunities with our facilities, Special Order and Program development, pricing strategies, as well as product and service offering.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to operate autonomous business units, geographically focused in the West, whose activities are supported and coordinated through our Corporate and National Accounts resources.

Our strategy will create competitive advantage by bringing value to our vendors, taking advantage of the trend to align themselves with a distributor who can represent their products in multiple markets while also taking advantage of the same trend with unequalled service to multiregional customers.

We will also create competitive advantage through streamlined local decision-making, allowing each business unit to customize their product and service offerings to their region and their local talent.  This autonomy develops an empowered work environment where authority and responsibility reside together, providing an unequalled opportunity for a fulfilling career.

We will measure our performance by benchmarking key ratios against the top peers in our industry. We will focus on the return on working capital required to run each business unit, recognizing the need for robust cash flow to fuel our economic engine and to allow for a reasonable rate of return to our owners.

Contact Corporate Services

Feel free to reach out to us via email corporate.